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20 February 2007 @ 01:15 am

Let me introduce you to the crazy world of Kiiiiiii , two girls from tokyo who create crazy art-pop tunes using toys, samples and basic vocals and percussion. In their own words: 

"When we met each other for the first time, we were 12 years old. Since then,we have been special friends like DJ & KIMMY in "FULL HOUSE"!

++ We are Japanese.We live in TOKYO, Japan. ++We have no CD.Sorry!We've only 7 inch.

++We play songs by......The Wiggles, Chip munks, Roco's modern life by NIKELODEON, Hooley dooleys,Michael Jackson"

You'll either hate it or you'll love it just like marmite which, btw, I hate. But you can't deny their cover of the Wiggles' “Four Little Joeys” is like nothing you've ever heard before! 

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12 May 2006 @ 08:38 pm
Hi flist! Sorry I haven't updated in so long but I've been busy with revision etc. Tonight I went to a BBQ at one of my Uni friend's (one of the co-director's of our film!) house where we ate lots of kebabs and burgers and drank some Pimm's punch. Overall it was a good night for socialising and eating. Now I feel a bit giddy but its all cool. Anyway guys I've started up a Last Fm. yes I have jumped on the bandwagon too! So feel free to add me if you want and I'll add ya back! It's canceled_heaven...

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03 May 2006 @ 02:07 pm
I swear studying has turned me nocturnal...
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12 April 2006 @ 10:51 pm
This month's Nylon tells you how to achieve Factory Girl style make up;  I'm finding the  Candy Darling look a bit bizarre.  I doubt half of the products work, I don't believe using a grey kohl eyeliner will make you look more like Nico.  The 'Factory Girl' movie is making me cringe...Guy Pearce as Andy Warhol and Sienna Miller as Edie Sedgewick? wtf!!!

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07 April 2006 @ 12:26 am
Go to Wikipedia and look up your birth day (excluding the year).

List three neat facts, two births and one death in your journal, including the year.

1. Slavery abolished in the British colonies (1833)
2. Ringo Starr temporarily quits The Beatles (1968)
3. Singing Revolution: two million people from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania stand on the Vilnius-Tallinn road, holding hands (1989)

1. River Pheonix (1970)
2. Julian Casablancas (1978)

1. Rudolph Valentino (1926)
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I urge you all to see V for Vendetta! It's not just an action packed adventure, it's an intelligent moving film with a strong socio-polital message. Hugo Weaving is terrific as V, the masked anti-hero, delivering his lines with incredible charisma and Natalie Portman's portrayal of Evey is emotionally stirring. At the heart of 'V for Vendetta' is not the theme of terrorism but the idea of censorship and restriction of freedom in a dystopian future ruled by a totalitarian state. Anyway it's amazing! And absolutely visually stunning!

EDIT: Any anarchist that has Cat Power on their jukebox is cool in my opinion.
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18 February 2006 @ 11:39 pm
Remember that funny spoof rock opera featuring Matt Lucas, Julian Barrett, Noel Fielding and other famous Brit. comedians? The one that takes the piss out of 1970s religious musicals? I found it on youtube!

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12 February 2006 @ 04:58 pm
I swear the popcorn in the microwave is out of control! I'm about to finish watching the films I rented out on Friday from Blockbuster. On Friday night I watched this interesting film...

A Tale of Two Sisters (Janghwa, Hongryeon)

Korean horror movie A Tale Of Two Sisters, is a tragic tale of guilt, regret and loss. Kim Ji-woon's moody chiller begins when two sisters who, after spending time in a mental institution, return to the home of their father and cruel stepmother. Once there, in addition to dealing with their stepmother's obsessive and unbalanced ways, an interfering ghost also affects their recovery. 'A tale of two sisters' is not simply a straight forward asian ghost story like 'The Ring' or 'The Grudge', it is a complex psycho thriller which revolves around the theme of family especially the idea of sorority. I can't say too much without giving the ending away but the ending is melancholic rather than horrific. Overall I enjoyed it especially the beautiful art direction and cinematography, every scene was beautifully composed and I loved the recurring motif of the colour red. Although I was slightly dissapointed with how the plot was slightly...skeletal. I felt that some of the sub-plots could have been fleshed out a bit.

On another note, I'm making myself a sleep mixtape at the moment to ease my insomnia. I've done about 50% of the playlist already but if you have any suggestions of dreamy, mellow songs I would love to hear them.
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23 January 2006 @ 09:31 pm

I'm really loving Jonathan Ross's 'Asian Invasion' series, in which he travels to Japan, Hong Kong and Korea to explore the world's most innovative cinema. Asian Cinema is really thriving at the moment, their approach to cinema is so fresh and imaginative compared to the countless sequels and tv series adaptions that are coming out of Hollywood currently. Not that I'm saying Hollywood cinema is bad, no! What I'm trying to say is why see some crap like 'Big Mama's House 2' when you can see 'Spirited Away' instead? :)  Anyway... it's probably the first time I have deliberately set out to watch a BBC Four programme. Here's a rough guide to the series if you're interested...

Asian Invasion!Collapse )
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16 January 2006 @ 12:36 pm
Had to copy my 'lovely' timetable down from the Media board today. Deciphering hieroglyphics would be easier than understanding the messy conflicting schedule.

I can't get the fowl taste of the University cafe's coffee out my mouth. I swear that they stew the cappacino in cigarette butts before puting it into the machine. And it was half froth. :( The coffee is slightly better in the food hall a.k.a 'Maggies'. They call it 'Maggies' to make it sound friendly and more inviting while in reality it looks like a school dinner hall. But the soup and sandwiches are very nice there. I avoid the Student Union nowadays otherwise I end up gambling all my money on the 'Who wants to be a millionaire' game machine. I always convince myself that,yes next time I will win the money back.

Now I'm off to watch telly and make some lunch but I leave you with 'el meme'. Neighbours will be on soon and Dr. Karl Kennedy is my hero. Who else can do home visits, work at the hospital, run a practice and do counciling sessions at the school?! And he still finds time for lunch.


Fill this out in my comments so I can get to know a bit more about you... yeah?

1. Name:
2. Date of birth:
3. Where you live:
4. What makes you happy:
5. Currently listening/the last thing you listened to:
6. Do you read my journal?:
7. If yes, what makes it especially good or bad?:
8. An interesting fact about you:
9. Are you in love/do you have a crush at the moment?:
10. Favourite place to spend time:
11. Favourite lyric:
12. The best time of the year:

RECOMMEND (seriously, I've been meaning to ask this of you guys anyway)
1. A film:
2. A book:
3. A band, a song, or album:

1. One thing you like about me:
2. Two things you like about yourself:
3. Put this in your journal so that I can tell you what I like about you.
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